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We Are A Team Of Marketers In Colorado Springs That Provide Massive Results For Clients.

Here at Digital Uptrend, we are a small team of SEO Specialists, content writers, and web designers that all specialize in ranking higher on Google and bringing more leads to our clients. We deliver massive results to a select number of clients and custom tailor our approach to the client's needs and current situation.

While we can't help everyone, we passionately work with real businesses that have a good reputation of serving the community and ready to rapidly grow their business with our help.

With our help, we have helped clients get massive results such as these:

GH Elite - 750%  Increase Traffic  & 300% Increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue
Local Window TINT -  1,000% Increase Traffic & Expand 2 New Locations
ONLINE ADA Store - #1 For National Main Keyword With 3,000+ Search Volume, Site Conversion Optimization - 267% increase in Product Page Conversions.

"I have worked with Digital Uptrend for less than 6 months and they have got my website higher rankings than any other SEO company I have ever worked with. I have worked with Jack from Digital Uptrend 2x now at the last company he worked for, he had previously got the highest rankings for our website. It is very hard to find a good SEO company but Jack and Martin have helped with everything from Google console errors, to onsight development and content. I am very satisfied with their work."
- Mike H, 
GH Elite Therapy, MX
Our Team

Website Designs With SEO CRO In Mind

As part of the design process, we understand that the sales flow, Click to Action, offer, testimonials, and messaging all have to be in place in order to convert traffic. With our website design, we focus not just on having a "pretty" website, but includes things like CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) in mind in order to convert traffic. 

In order to have a thriving design in today's day and age, elements must have intent, UX must be designed based on directing traffic,  page and content must be relevant to buying cycle, offer must capture interest, and the opt-in page or action must have as little barriers as possible. 

This is exactly how we were able to help a client increase site conversions from 1.2% to over 2.7% month over month resulting in over 100% in crease in leads.

Not only this, but our sites are designed with Google's bots in mind, and structure the website in order to maximize future SEO efforts. Did we also mention, mobile first, sleek, and elegant designs to top it off?

"Wow. I'm amazed by the site I didn't expect it to look so Good! I can't wait for our SEO to take over for our company as well..."
- Don M,   U.S. ASIC
What We Do

  • Step 1. Initial Audit

    All SEO processes begin with the initial audit. The initial audit involves analyzing your website with tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, SuferSEO, and SERP analysis to fully grasp your current website's situation from an SEO perspective. This is critical to your success as not all websites are in the same state. Some websites have had SEO work done in the past, some websites are brand new, while others have had bad SEO done. 

  • Step 2. Technical & Onpage SEO Work

    After analyzing the site, we can begin our work on optimizing every webpage. The best results happen when your foundation is in place, as it helps Google understands exactly what your website is about, and which pages are supposed to rank for which keywords.

    We have a vast list onpage SEO work that commonly needs to be fixed on most websites. These include everything from checking robots, sitemap, indexation, schema markup, OG Data, URL Mapping, Page speed, 404, 301s, and more. With all sites we run a comprehensive audit to help understand what needs to be fixed. 

  • Step 3. Acquiring Foundational Links

    Foundational links include things like local directories, niche directories, chamber of commerce, social media sites, etc.  If your brand/website has not been mentioned in these directories, we'll be sure to make sure they're in correctly and are updated with the right information. This is critical to your Google rankings as it builds the social proof necessary to build relevancy and authority in your local market. Most colorado springs seo firms do not go into this level of work that is critical to your success but we know this is how we stand out from other SEO companies. 

  • Step 4. Google My Business Optimization

    For those who have and need a Google My Business page, we need to make sure the page is completely optimized with relevant information, tags, photos, reviews, and off page SEO factors. Off page SEO factors include citations and making sure you have the correct Name, Address, and Phone number associated with those citations. 

  • Step 5. Ongoing Links, Content, & Reputation Management

    Most businesses will require ongoing SEO in order to climb up the rankings and place at the top of Google for those main keywords. To make this happen, off page SEO and ongoing content is necessary. Off Page SEO include continuing to get brand mentions from local bloggers, niche relevant websites, and special directories. Continuing to add SEO optimized content to your site shows Google that your site is continuing to grow, and add value to the market which in tandem with off page SEO will massively boost your rankings in the SERP.

    Ongoing reputation management involves responding to reviews on all outlets (facebook, google, yelp, homeadvisor, bbb, etc) and also facilitating the generation of more reviews. With our systems and processes, we are able to reach out to clients, qualify and filter good reviews, and post them on the most relevant sites that relate to your business. One way to do this is is to search up "your business + reviews" and see what social sites pull up. These are probably going to be some of the main focus points. Be sure to focus on the sites that have the lowest reviews first. 

  • Step 6. Customer Satisfaction & Reporting

    As part of our SEO process, we make sure to invite all customers to our private 1:1 monthly reporting calls, and be able to track keywords at any time with our tools and software. We believe in strong communication with our clients, and utilize CMS tools like basecamp to be as transparent with our SEO process as possible and to update clients in real time the work we do. 

Rank For Colorado Springs Keywords With Local SEO

If you’re a local business in Colorado Springs CO there is no doubt that you are going to be looking for ways to get seen in the community and increase the business’s potential clientele. One of the first ways to put your business in front of your targeted audience and gain domain authority locally is through local SEO. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is known as the process of optimizing a website to get unpaid, or organic, traffic from the results page of search engines. In order to do this search engines like Google will crawl, or scan, various websites to understand better what the site is about and then rank them accordingly. 

So if you are wondering how stores here by the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak area are making it to the first page of google for specific keywords, it is because of effective and efficient digital marketing. 

When it comes to digital marketing it's even more vital that your business stays up to date with the search engine optimization seo of both on-page and off-page to be infront SEO for local searches.

A Colorado Springs SEO Company That Will Deliver Results

While your business may be practicing standard search engine optimization  for organic search, it is highly important that you look to rank for the results locally. Our Colorado Springs SEO company, Digital Uptrend, has done immense research to uncover some statistics that will show just how vital it is to strive for local rankings. Keep reading to explore the results and learn some tips to help you understand why it's so important to optimize your site for local results.

How Web Page Optimizations, Keyword Choices, And A-B Testing Can Rank You Higher

Especially if you are a business looking to expand or already have multiple locations, local search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of marketing for your business.
Although many standard practices for OSR, organic search ranking, also apply to results locally, it's critical to follow the right practice for ranking specifically in the local area. If you are a business in Colorado Springs then you will want to make sure every single page on your website has something reflecting the area. You can do this through business information, keyword choices and other factors like A-B testing. There are ways to test landing pages to see which convert better, and many elements, even colors and size of texts, can be optimized to increase conversion on landing pages. 

If you have a blog on your website you will also want to optimize the blogs for local results as well. The question most have is why is this type of SEO, search engine optimization, so important for local businesses?

What Is A Local Search And How Is It Different From Social?

To understand local SEO you must understand what a local search is. With good enough authority and social SEO strategies anyone can rank for a search query like ‘how to fix an alternator’ however the person searching is more likely to purchase when the search query becomes ‘auto mechanics near me’ or ‘best auto mechanic in Colorado Springs’. For the type of search query, which typically includes a ‘near me’ or location, search engines comprehend that the searcher wants business, suggestions or suggestions based on current location.

This is not to be confused with social media and branding. Local SEO and search optimization strictly focuses on Google's search engine primarily, while social media marketing is based on creating posts, and creating engagements on the posts and ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Based on our experience, social media marketing is a great asset if there are not enough searches for the key phrase, and if clients have a unique offer that can be used as part of the digital creative. After that comes the landing page and the web design aspects of the site to increase conversions. 

This difference in search results, social media, and behaviour are precisely why local SEO, for businesses in Colorado Springs, is important and crucial to invest in along standard SEO.

Here Are Some Stats To Help Understand Why Local SEO Is So Important:

● 7% purchased from a non-local search vs. 18% of local searches lead to purchase
● When people search on the go 56% have local intent
● 4/5 consumers find local information through search engines
● 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited the store the same day.
● Those that made a local search from their smartphone 50% went to the store the same day
● Location information in ads like an address or phone number has over 60% of consumers using it.
● According to Google 46% of searches have a ‘local intent’

Clearly, although there are many ways to do SEO, for local search specifically, there are key local optimization strategies that will vastly improve your results in the local SERP rankings. If you need seo experts to get your business in line and a marketing company that is up to date with the latest Google algorithm updates, reach out to us to audit your site and see how we can help today!

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