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A quality and effective SEO strategy is essential when building an online presence in today’s digital world. The main problem here is most business owners in the Denver area don’t have the knowledge or experience to make a difference with their SEO efforts. That’s why every business today needs a Denver SEO expert by their side. 

Enter Digital Uptrend. We’re a team of dedicated and passionate Denver SEO masterminds that take great pride in their ability to transform your business’ online efforts. We combine our Denver marketing skills with our knowledge of how search engine’s work to deliver an SEO service that can’t be matched elsewhere. 

"I have worked with Digital Uptrend for less than 6 months and they have got my website higher rankings than any other SEO company I have ever worked with. I have worked with Jack from Digital Uptrend 2x now at the last company he worked for, he had previously got the highest rankings for our website. It is very hard to find a good SEO company but Jack and Martin have helped with everything from Google console errors, to onsight development and content. I am very satisfied with their work."
- Mike H, 
GH Elite Therapy, MX

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What is SEO?

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing your website for organic search results through Google, Bing, Yahoo!, or any other search engine your customers are using. In other words, it’s how you rank well on any search engine, increasing exposure to your target audience.

SEO is the opposite of paid advertising, which most business owners have grown too familiar with in recent years. With paid advertising, you end up paying for every click or view the ad generates. With a Denver SEO expert by your side, that traffic is free and consistent. It’s what makes organic search results so valuable, compared to paid search results. 

Of course, Denver SEO does much more than just bring you traffic -- it brings you quality traffic. When these potential customers enter your website, you know they already share an interest in what your business offers. That means higher conversions, increased revenue, and a huge smile on your face. 

It’s not the most exciting task and many businesses fear it, but that’s what we’re here for. Digital Uptrend utilizes all the latest technology, practices, tactics, and knowledge when building an SEO strategy that suits your business’ needs. It’s what makes us so effective for each one of our clients. 

Local SEO

National SEO

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 These SEO Statistics Might Surprise You!

At Digital Uptrend, we’ve worked with a wide range of companies in the wonderful city of Denver. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all of our experience, it’s that most business owners aren’t sold on the impact SEO has on reaching their Denver marketing goals. 

That all changes when we start to share some of the most recent statistics on the effectiveness of SEO and the value it holds for businesses of any size. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent and mind-blowing SEO statistics available today:

  1. 92.96% of all online traffic comes from Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps. The higher you rank on this search engine, the better. 
  2. SEO is responsible for driving 1,000%+ more online traffic than organic social media. A higher investment in SEO can save you a lot of money on social media advertising.
  3. People click on results from the 2nd page on Google less than 1% of the time. If you’re not on the first page, there’s a good chance you aren’t being seen.
  4. 68% of online experiences start with a search engine, which is why it’s so important to practice good SEO habits. 
  5. There are nearly 90,000 searches per second on Google alone in 2020. How many of those searches are going to result in a trip to your website?

That’s not all. In recent years, there has been a larger focus on local SEO, especially for businesses that rely on customers and exposure in their area. To showcase the importance of SEO, especially for businesses with headquarters in Denver, let’s take a look at some of the most surprising local SEO statistics:

  1. 30% of all searches on a mobile device are for a specific location. When you consider the amount of searches everyday, that’s a lot of local search results. 
  2. Over 75% of all localized searches result in the user visiting a nearby visit within 24 hours. That means real traffic through your door each day. 
  3. Nearly 30% of all local searches result in the user purchasing something. If your business is on the front page, that purchase could be made on your website. 
  4. Online searches that contain the words “near me” have grown over 200% over the past few years and it doesn’t look like it’ll slow down anytime soon. 


Initial Audit

This is where our initial audit of your website transpires. It involves analyzing your website with tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, SuferSEO, and SERP analysis, from an SEO standpoint. It is a crucial step because it gives us the knowledge and the proper perspective for the starting point in our marketing strategy with your company.

Technical & Onpage SEO

Technical and on-page SEO work is done. This is where we go in and optimize each web page so it ranks for its proper keywords, and includes checking robots, sitemaps, indexation, schema markup, OG data, URL mapping, page speed, 404, 301s, and more. Most businesses have quite a bit of repair work to be done during this step, but it is critical for your foundation that this groundwork be done right. 

Acquiring Foundational Links

Perhaps the most important step, and certainly so for making us stand out from the rest, is this one, in which acquiring foundational links is done. These links are things such as local directories, niche directories, chamber of commerce, social media sites, etc. We make sure your business and brand are listed in these places, and that the information is correct and current. This is important because it builds the social proof necessary to build relevance and authority in your specific market, for your website. Google values this highly. 

GMB Optimization

In this step, we do your Google My Business optimization, where we make sure this page is current and optimized for relevant information, tags, photos, reviews, and off-page SEO factors like  citations.  

Links, Content, & Reputation Management

Ongoing links, content, and reputation management. Most companies will need this step, in order to stay on top and to stay successful, as it truly is an ongoing process that progresses over time. Regularly uploaded SEO optimized content combined with off-page SEO improves ranking significantly. The management of replying to all reviews on multiple outlets and social media websites is something we can do, as well as generating new reviews. We will qualify and filter good reviews, and post them on the most relevant sites that relate to your business. 

Reporting & Customer Satifaction

Monthly reporting and digital marketing management, to result in your complete satisfaction and recommendation to others! 

What Can A Denver SEO Expert Do For You?

When you team up with a Denver SEO expert, your business receives a wide range of benefits that continue to deliver results daily. It’s one of the best decisions you can make when growing your business and setting it up for sustained success. 

Here’s what Denver SEO can do for your business’ future:

  • Increase in Quality Leads - since organic search results are a result of someone searching for you or your type of business, you know you’re receiving quality leads time and again. All you need to do is convert them.
  • Reduce Marketing Costs - with a quality SEO strategy, you won’t have to rely on paid advertising to get the traffic you need. Instead of being forced to dump money into paid ads, you can use those funds for something more important. 
  • In-Store Traffic - many business owners are aware of the online traffic SEO provides, but the rise of local SEO strategies are bringing more customers into the store as well. 
  • Credibility & Loyalty - there are a certain level of bragging rights that come with owning a spot on the front page of a Google search. It improves your brand’s reputation and increases the amount of trust users have in your business. 
  • User Experience - quality SEO requires a wide range of positive changes to your website. These changes generally include the speed of your website, the use of imagery, and valuable content relevant to your industry. 
  • Sales Cycle - SEO is with you every step of the sales cycle. With a combination of blog posts, landing pages, and other content, your website attracts quality leads from the prospect stage to the closing stage. 

What Else Does Digital Uptrend Do?

At Digital Uptrend, we understand that providing quality Denver SEO services requires a wide range of skills. Since we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients, we extend our services far beyond search engine optimization. That’s what makes us such a valuable addition to any business in any industry. 

Here’s a look at what we’re capable of:

Website Design - SEO involves grabbing the attention of quality leads and bringing them over to your website. In order for that to be effective, your website needs to be designed to convert and sell. That’s where we come in. Our team of developers can redesign your website, update your website, or build it from scratch -- it’s up to you!
Media Production - where text and words once reigned superior, photos and video content has risen in popularity the past few decades. At Digital Uptrend, we provide photographers, videographers, and editors to ensure your media content attracts the right target audience. With our help, you’ll continue to ‘wow’ your customers time and again. Not to mention, search engines love images and video content on your website. 
Paid Advertisements - although SEO is designed to relieve you from relying on paid advertisements, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still effective. When utilized properly and in the right scenarios, paid advertisements compliment your SEO efforts extremely well. Our pay-per-click experts can improve brand awareness on any search engine or platform. 
Blog Content - delivering quality and relevant content to your target audience is the easiest way to build a good relationship with potential customers. It helps build trust in your brand, establishes yourself as a leader in your industry, and proves that you’re here for the greater good. It’s also good for SEO and helps you rank better!
Social Media Management - a solid social media presence brings your SEO efforts full-circle. The two compliment each other well, with social media followers finding their way to your website and website users finding their way to your social media channels. We can also create quality infographics and captions designed to convert. 

What We Do

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When’s the last time you sat back and watched your business grow with minimum effort? While SEO takes a little bit of time to develop, it’s something that continues to improve your business over time. Better yet, it works in the background to minimize distraction while maximizing results. 

At Digital Uptrend, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible -- that way you can focus on providing the best experience possible to your customers. We do all the hard work for you and that’s a Digital Uptrend guarantee. 

When you’re ready to team up with a Denver marketing & SEO expert, contact Digital Uptrend today. We’re excited to extend our services to you and will have one of our trusted representatives reach out to you immediately.

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