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Building an online presence in today’s digital world does so much for a business, but it’s something most businesses struggle to obtain -- especially considering the amount of competition out there. That’s where a Fort Collins SEO company adds a lot of value to your business’ future. 

At Digital Uptrend, we eat, sleep, and breathe SEO. It’s not the only thing our experts pride themselves in, but it’s the driving force behind everything we do. When you team up with a team of Fort Collins SEO masterminds like us, you receive an effective SEO strategy exclusive to your business and your business only. 

Are There Different Types of SEO?

When businesses come to us for the first time, they’re often loaded with questions about SEO -- including what it is, why it’s necessary, and how it works. SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a web page for Google, Bing, and other search engines used by customers all over the world. 

With that being said, there are several different types of SEO and they each improve your website in different ways. Most businesses require a combination of strategies and some even require all of them. As your Fort Collins SEO expert, we perform a full analysis of your current website to formulate a plan destined for success. 

"I have worked with Digital Uptrend for less than 6 months and they have got my website higher rankings than any other SEO company I have ever worked with. I have worked with Jack from Digital Uptrend 2x now at the last company he worked for, he had previously got the highest rankings for our website. It is very hard to find a good SEO company but Jack and Martin have helped with everything from Google console errors, to onsight development and content. I am very satisfied with their work."
- Mike H, 
GH Elite Therapy, MX

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Types Of SEO

  1. Technical SEO - this type of SEO involves all the things your customer doesn’t see when they visit your website. Many people confuse it with on-page SEO because the two share similarities, but technical SEO is often regarded as its own strategy. It involves the speed of your site, responsiveness, connection, HTML, and more. It’s called ‘technical’ SEO because it requires a lot of skill and talent. 
  2. On-Page SEO - this is the type of SEO that most business owners are aware of. It involves everything the customer sees when they visit your website, including the content, visuals, text, and overall user experience. With good design, relevant content, and quality use of keywords, your on-page SEO improves and your site’s traffic increases.
  3. Off-Page SEO - this type of SEO is a little more difficult to explain and it’s the type most business owners don’t expect to have an impact on SEO. Two of the major strategies with off-page SEO are social media activity and link building, both of which happen away from your website. With a combination of on-page and off-page SEO, your site’s rankings improve greatly. 
  4. Local SEO - an online presence does a lot for your company’s future and limits your dependence on in-store traffic, but that doesn’t mean it should overshadow your in-store efforts. In fact, it should complement it. This is possible with local SEO because you’re targeting keywords locals are using frequently. When those locals see you online, it gives them a reason to visit you in-person.
  5. Mobile SEO - with the emergence of mobile devices and mobile technology, businesses must tailor their online efforts to meet these mobile demands, especially since customers spend much more time on mobile devices than any other device. With mobile SEO, your website is 100% optimized for the mobile devices your customers use most often. 

Local SEO

National SEO

Ecommerce SEO

What Do We Do?

Here at Digital Uptrend, we take a great deal of pride in our SEO-focused approach to marketing and reputation management. It’s what we were founded on, but it’s far from being the only thing we’re capable of. To be completely honest, our company wouldn’t be as effective as it is today if we were just an SEO company. 

The truth is we’re a team of innovators. We understand that a solid SEO strategy requires a wide range of skill, knowledge, and experience. That’s why we’re always ‘sharpening our swords’ and ensuring our clients receive everything they need when reaching their goals. 


  1. Search Engine Optimization - we not only perform an extensive audit of your current website, but we formulate an SEO strategy tailored to meet your goals. Of course, then we implement that strategy to bring you the results you imagined when you first launched your website. Along the way, we provide detailed reports, analysis, insight, and suggestions to improve your SEO long-term. 
  2. Web Design - we work with businesses of all sizes, whether they’re new to their industry or not. In fact, many of our clients don’t have a website or online presence when they first come to us. Whether you need updates to your current website or need to build a website from scratch, our team of experts provide high-quality web design at your disposal.
  3. Media Production - your customers aren’t the only ones that love high-quality videos and images. Google is starting to favor these elements when building a website and it’s a big reason why we have a team of photographers and videographers ready to produce effective media content for your visitors. As a result, you’ll start to gain a new level of respect from your customers. 
  4. Paid Advertising - we know SEO is designed to lessen your dependence on paid advertising, but that doesn’t mean businesses should give up on paid advertising all-together. It still has a purpose and can still be highly effective when executed strategically, opposed to desperately. 
  5. Blog & Content - the visuals blasted across your website play just as much a role in SEO as the text provided. Our passionate team of professional writers craft your content with extreme precision, adding value and meaning to every word found throughout your website. You’ll position yourself as a leader among your competition. 
  6. Social Media - when building an off-page SEO strategy that produces results, social media plays an extremely important role. That’s where our social media specialist provides excellent insight and direction. We develop a social media marketing strategy designed to help your company reach its goals. 

Understanding Our SEO Process

We believe transparency is key when building and executing an SEO strategy. Since most business owners don’t understand the inner workings of SEO, it’s our job as a Fort Collins SEO expert to ensure our client understands the moves and changes being made to their website. In fact, we extend that same level of transparency to our potential clients, as well. 

To show you how serious we are about revolutionizing your Fort Collins marketing strategy with quality SEO, here’s a look at the process that has transformed Digital Uptrend into a leading voice in the SEO community -- the same process we’re prepared to execute for you and your website!

Initial Audit

The Audit - the first step in our SEO process is the initial audit, which sets the tone for the rest of your experience with Digital Uptrend. Since every website we come across is in a different position, it’s highly important we build an SEO strategy specific to your business only. We use all the latest technology to properly analyze the best course of action.

Technical & Onpage SEO

Technical & On-Page SEO - with the audit now complete, the next step in the process involves completing the technical and on-page SEO. This includes all the changes your customers will see, as well as the changes they’ll experience when visiting your website. By the time we’re done, potential customers will be impressed by what they see upon entering your new and improved site. 

Acquiring Foundational Links

Link Building - once the technical and on-page SEO are complete, our wonderful team of Fort Collins marketing masterminds move on to the off-page SEO. This includes functional link-building such as chamber of commerce sites, social media sites, and local directories. Most SEO businesses skip this process or utilize ineffective strategies when completing this step. At Digital Uptrend, we don’t cut corners -- ever. 

GMB Optimization

Google My Business - another major factor to off-page SEO is ensuring your Google My Business page is optimized properly. This has become an extremely important part of the process in recent years due to the increase in local searches and online shopping. Success with Google My Business instantly improves your online presence and continues to work wonders time and again. 

Links, Content, & Reputation Management

Maintenance - there are a lot of Fort Collins SEO companies that complete all the on-page, technical, and off-page work before letting you off on your own. At Digital Uptrend, we remain by your side long after we’ve completed the initial audit and initial work. That’s because we understand the importance of ongoing SEO efforts to continue climbing up the search engine rankings. 

Reporting & Customer Satifaction

Analysis & Reports - throughout the entire process of working with us, your company receives frequent and detailed reports to ensure you remain confident in our SEO efforts. This is extremely important because SEO best practices are constantly changing as Google’s algorithms evolve. Customer demands also change over time and your website needs to accommodate those changes in real-time. 

Basic SEO Tips Everyone Can Follow

SEO is an extremely technical and functional process that only your Fort Collins SEO expert can implement properly. It’s what makes companies like ours such a hot commodity in the world we live in today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your search ranking on your own. 

In fact, there are a wide range of things every business owner can do starting today to improve their chances of ranking high in the future. These are free tips that don’t require a lot of effort, knowledge, or experience in the SEO community. Better yet, they’re expert-approved by your favorite Fort Collins SEO company -- Digital Uptrend. 

  • If you’re not already running your website on a secure connection, also known as HTTPs, you should consider doing so immediately. Not only is it good for SEO, but it increases the amount of trust your customers have when visiting your website. 
  • Believe it or not, page speed has an enormous impact on your site’s SEO and can negatively impact conversion rates as well. Minimizing the amount of time your visitors wait when loading the site goes a long way. 
  • When utilizing keywords, there are three main places you should place it every single time -- the title tag, the URL permalink, and a heading (H1). Google likes when keywords are found here. 
  • Boring title tags and meta descriptions don’t do well for SEO or conversions. When written properly, your pages and posts are appealing to any potential leads. They’ll have every reason to visit your page!
  • Some people believe the more you blog, the better. While that’s true in most cases, it’s important that your blog is filled with the right content. That means providing readers with valuable, relevant, and engaging content regularly. 

What Makes Us the Superior Fort Collins SEO Company?

Working with a Fort Collins SEO company is a daunting task for most business owners, but it doesn’t have to be. Our goal is to make this as easy, effortless, and rewarding as possible by providing excellent customer service and unmatched insight. 

We know we’re not the only SEO company in Fort Collins, but we know our knowledge and passion can’t be found elsewhere. Here’s what makes us different from the other SEO companies you’ve come across in your search for a Fort Collins SEO specialist. 

Passion - our team of Fort Collins marketing and SEO specialists are extremely passionate about what they do. It’s why we wake up every morning and it’s what we’re thinking about before we go to bed. 

Track Record - Digital Uptrend was founded in 2019, but we’ve already accrued an extensive track record with our previous clients and are excited about our company’s future. 

Communication - we want our clients to know our lines are always open. That’s why we ensure our customers receive our full attention when working alongside our team of SEO and marketing experts. Don’t worry, we won’t ever leave you hanging!

Transparency - we don’t ever want our clients to be confused or suspicious of what we’re doing to their website. We don’t ever change anything without your permission and make a solid effort to explain everything in plain details as we work our magic. 

Innovation - SEO and marketing strategies are constantly evolving, which means your website needs to constantly evolve with it. Our team remains on the front lines of everything happening in the SEO community to ensure we’re equipped with the latest tools and resources. 
What We Do

Maximize Your Efforts Online With A Proven Fort Collins SEO Expert!

When’s the last time you sat back and watched your business grow with minimum effort? While SEO takes a little bit of time to develop, it’s something that continues to improve your business over time. Better yet, it works in the background to minimize distraction while maximizing results. 

At Digital Uptrend, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible -- that way you can focus on providing the best experience possible to your customers. We do all the hard work for you and that’s a Digital Uptrend guarantee. 

When you’re ready to team up with a Denver marketing & SEO expert, contact Digital Uptrend today. We’re excited to extend our services to you and will have one of our trusted representatives reach out to you immediately.

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