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PPC or Pay Per Click is a type of ad run online and it refers to the manner in which you pay for each lead. With Google Ads for example which works off a pay per click model, charges you everytime a potential client clicks on your ad. You get charge by the click rather than running a flat budget to show your ad infront of as many people as possible until someone opts into your campaign. 

These are some of the fastest and most efficient way to acquire new business because you're able to position yourself infront of consumers immediately. As long as the ad spend is continually flowing the leads will too. And the best part is that at any point in time you can either switch them on or off from the click of a button. 

That makes it easy to run ads for certain specials such as holidays specials, valentines day specials, fathers day specials, and any other special you can think of. 

Let us show you how our ads can blow up your business in no time. Simply fill the form or give us a call and we'd be glad to answer any of your questions.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ad words or Google Ads are a form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. By targeting certain keywords, you optimize the quality score of your campaign to so that you can appear at the top of the rankings for those keywords.

You can easily spot ads in googles searches by looking for the little 'Ad' icon to the left of the listing:

Google Ads are a great way to acquire business right away. Just like Facebook Ads, you put up a certain amount of monthly spend in order to show your ad in front of potential buyers. You'll get a maximum amount of clicks based off the amount of impressions your ad is getting as well as how much you're putting up monthly in ad spend. 

With Google Ads you can easily position yourself at the top of the search results if done correctly. 

Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are more common than ever. The reason for this is because everybody including their mom now a days has a Facebook account. Making it the tool with the highest potential reach. 

You can notice any Facebook advertisement by looking for the 'Sponsored' at the top of the post.

In order to have a successful Facebook ad there are 4 main components you need to nail:

1. The Ad Copy (The Text above the ad)

2. The Ad Image or Video (Goes below the ad copy, must be captivating to capture your audience)

3. The Targeting (The back end demographics you choose to show your ad to)

4. A Compelling Offer (This goes below the video or image to incentive an opt in)

By combining those 4 things and doing a good job with them, you're sure to get some traction with your facebook ad. Think of the overall creative for the ad. Think of it as a whole. If you look at the ad above, you'll see there is a certain vibe to it. 

So find your vibe and create an amazing campaign. Or if you're interested in having us develop a great campaign for your business, simply give us a call!


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Facebook AD Example:

"We didn't built a cruise. We built a Voyage."

Google Ads Example:

Target different keywords and create an offer worth clicking on.


Ads are one of our favorite methods for acquiring new business. It's the quickest way to acquire new business and it's easy to scale as everything is tracked and so it's easy to know whether or not to ramp up the ad spend based off your ROI on any given month. Let us know if you have any questions about our process when creating ads. Depending on the type of ad you're looking for, the process will be different but here is a generalized flow.











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